Answers to everyone’s most pressing questions…

Q: I ordered flowers online and the recipient got a much smaller arrangement compared to what I expected. What gives?

A: Sigh. Unfortunately that is not an uncommon complaint. What happens is this: you want to send someone special a bouquet of flowers to brighten their day, so you do what we all do–a Google search for a florist in Mt. Shasta. What come up first, however, are companies masquerading as “local” florists, who have hundreds of thousands of advertising dollars to be put at the top of your search results. (Such companies as 1-800Flowers, Ava’s Flowers, Wesley Berry Flowers, Just Flowers, Ranch Florist, and so forth.) You then order online from what looks like a legitimate florist in Mt. Shasta (or whatever town you’re sending flowers to–these folks don’t discriminate). The company calls us, gives us a fraction of the money that you just spent on flowers, and keeps the rest. So an arrangement is sent out to the recipient which is under value, as we have no idea how much you actually spent! The result is often unhappy customers, and cranky florists who are tired of dealing with unscrupulous vendors.

So the take away is this: always, always call your sending florist directly if you are able. You might have to scroll through a bunch of fakes to get the information for the florist you want, but be persistent! (You can even ask the person you speak with on the phone if they actually work in the shop that will be putting your flowers together.) This guarantees that every penny of your money will go directly to the flowers and delivery–no middle man skimming off the top! Then hopefully, you won’t be disappointed, and the recipient of your kindness will receive the full value of your gift. Win, win!

Q: Darn it! It’s my anniversary (mom’s birthday, sister just had a baby…) and I totally spaced it. Can I get an arrangement delivered the same day?

A: Certainly! We ask that you place your order before 2pm for deliveries in Mt. Shasta, and by noon for outlying towns. However, if we can accommodate an order placed later than that, we’ll do our best. Some days that works out better than others, though, so placing your order a day or more before is always the best way to assure you get what you’re hoping for.

Q: I love my flowers! How can I tell everyone about how fabulous they are?

A: Wow, thank you! We’re blushing. If you’d like to let other folks know about your experiences at Mount Shasta Florist, you can add a review to Yelp or Google. We appreciate your kind words!

Q: My flowers did not meet my expectations. Now what?

A: Yikes! We’re so sorry to hear that. We strive to satisfy every customer, but you can’t win them all. Please give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to make it right. We sure don’t want to leave anyone disappointed!

Q: I’m getting married! I’d love to talk to you about doing my flowers. How do I do that? And when?

A: Congratulations! We love weddings. In order to give you our full attention, we recommend that you call us to schedule a wedding consultation either in person or over the phone. We’ll be happy to discuss your wishes and design with you. Inside of six months before your wedding day is a good time to set up an appointment, but it doesn’t need to be that far out! (However, we do often get booked for summer weekends, so if you’d like to lock the date with us you can set something up earlier if you need to. We just won’t have to go over the detailed logistics until closer to the date.) Pricing and availability tend to vary so we will be able to give you a most accurate quote the closer it is to your actual wedding date. And thank you for considering us for your wedding florist!