Air Plants, Succulents, and Cacti

We’ve gone a little terrarium-crazy here at Mount Shasta Florist! Recently introduced to our shop are a wide variety of plants that require very little care–air plants (mostly from the Tillandsia genus), succulents (most are locally grown in Fort Jones, California) and cacti. Many of these work extremely well in decorative glass globes or terrariums. Not the terrariums of the past (think seventies fern & moss gardens), these are easy-care and great fun to make and share.

We offer the raw ingredients for your terrarium or dish garden as well as having several made up and ready to go. Some of the fun things you can do with air plants:

If you’re wondering how to care for your air plants or air plant terrarium, we’ve got a handy care sheet for you here.

In addition to air plants, we’ve got a great selection of succulents and cacti which make for easy-care indoor dish gardens or specimen displays. Their wide variety of colors and shapes makes them fantastic for including in all kinds of designs. Requiring spare amounts of water and bright light, they are well-adapted to many corners of our homes. It’s hard to resist these guys!